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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Mr. Pilot has found that the vast majority of civil disputes can be resolved without having to incur the headaches associated with litigation: costs, time, stress, and uncertainty of the outcome. Therefore, Mr. Pilot has dedicated significant time to assisting individuals, families and businesses in resolving their disputes via the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

As a Private Arbitrator in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Pilot delivers a fully reasoned decision promptly after the conclusion of each case. Mr. Pilot’s sole focus as a Private Mediator is on dispute resolution and he does not consider his services to be complete until the parties have signed a Settlement Agreement.


​Mr. Pilot serves as a Private Arbitrator and as a Private Mediator in lawsuits including Breach of Contract, Partnership Disputes, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Sexual Harassment, Elder Abuse, Assault and Battery, Single and Multi-Party Automobile Accidents, and Premises Liability Cases.


Mr. Pilot has served on the Party-Pay and Pro Bono Arbitration and Mediation Panels for the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, and as an Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Arbitrator for the Beverly Hills Bar Association. 

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