Alternative Dispute Resolution


Mr. Pilot has found that the vast majority of civil disputes can be resolved without having to incur the headaches associated with litigation: costs, time, stress, and uncertainty of the outcome. Therefore, Mr. Pilot has dedicated significant time to assisting individuals, families and businesses in resolving their disputes via the Alternative Dispute Resolution process.

As a Private Arbitrator in Los Angeles, California, Mr. Pilot delivers a fully reasoned decision promptly after the conclusion of each case. Mr. Pilot’s sole focus as a Private Mediator is on dispute resolution and he does not consider his services to be complete until the parties have signed a Settlement Agreement.


​Mr. Pilot serves as a Private Arbitrator and as a Private Mediator in lawsuits including Breach of Contract, Partnership Disputes, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Sexual Harassment, Elder Abuse, Assault and Battery, Single and Multi-Party Automobile Accidents, and Premises Liability Cases.


Mr. Pilot has served on the Party-Pay and Pro Bono Arbitration and Mediation Panels for the Los Angeles County Superior Courts, and as an Attorney-Client Fee Dispute Arbitrator for the Beverly Hills Bar Association. 

As an accomplished attorney in Los Angeles, California with over 25 years of experience, Mr. Pilot successfully navigates his immigration, personal injury and civil litigation clients through the California Judicial System.